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From Trustee Leslie Caruthers

Greetings to all!


My name is Leslie Caruthers and I am pleased to serve as your village Health Commissioner for the past year! My commitment is to continue serving our community needs and keeping our village clean and safe.


Friendly tips/ Reminders: 

  • Disposal of trash should be in the proper trash bins for scheduled pickup services. Every resident of Hanley Hills is required to set up residential trash service, no exceptions. 

  • Please remove all trash containers from the curbside after the pickup day to avoid ordinance violations. 

  • Residents are allowed to place one large item at the curbside for regular pickup on Mondays.

  • Mattresses must be covered in plastic for pickup. Waste Management would prefer a phone call to schedule pickup  at 1 (866) 909-4458

  • Any bulk items such as a couch or mattress will have to be coordinated through Waste Management for a bulk items pickup. They must also have a plastic cover over the item for pickup.


Waste Management customer service number is 1 (866) 909-4458.  



Please contact City Hall with any comments or issues that are related to the reminders above at  (314) 725-0909


Leslie Caruthers

Health Commissioner


Village of Hanley Hills
7713 Utica Dr. Hanley Hills, MO 63133
PH: (314) 725-0909 Fax: (314) 727-7669

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