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The residents and Trustees of Hanley Hills enjoyed celebrating with NCPC National Night Out with Vinita Park at James McGee Park at our regularly scheduled  Neighborhood Watch monthly meeting. This event was caught on tape and broadcasted on channel 5 news with Jackie Rhymes interviewed . All on Tuesday September 26, 2023 See it on our Faceook page.

In the September Board of Trustees Meeting an ordinance was passed permitting the boarded up houses to be painted decoratively for appearances sake by our residents Mr. and Mrs. Klemm. Ron Klemm is looking for volunteers to help finish painting the boards on the house at 7723 bloom, Friday, 9/29 or Saturday 9/30 will be great, or when every you can. Please let the office know of your participation by calling 314-725-0909. You will need to sign a waiver.  He needs one or two people. He said if there's two people it could be done in  a day. "I can't do ladders." Can we get any volunteers?

Join HH as we host a "POP UP SHOP" on November 4th, 10a - 2pm at City Hall 7713 Utica Drive. Sell new or nearly new! Space only $10.00 Proceeds benefit next event. Call 314-725-0909 to register. Thank you, AH

Monday - Thursday 
 9 a.m. - 5p.m. In case of emergency on Fridays, please feel free to call the office and you will be assisted..314-725-0909

The Board of Trustees will meet on October 19, 2023 at  6:30pm in city hall or you can attend by
Meeting ID: 8984539890
Passcode: e61UWQ 

Currently we are sharing our neighborhood watch program with Vinita Park until we find a Neighborhood Watch Captain for our village. Until then we meet alternate months at 6:00pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month. In October the meeting will be at Vinita Park, 8374 Midland Blvd. in 
 City Hall.

Federal Holidays Observed


The Village of Hanley Hills, Missouri seeks bids from qualified contractors for a concrete patch replacement for Hanley Hills (the “Project”) in the Village of Hanley Hills, Missouri.

Sealed bids must be addressed to the City Clerk’s Office,7713 Utica Drive, Hanley Hills, Missouri, 63133 and will be accepted until 4:30 p.m., September 29, 2023.


The award of the bid is contingent upon approval from the Board of Hanley Hills.

The bid documents are available at no charge at the Village of Hanley Hills City Hall, 7713 Utica Drive, Hanley Hills, Missouri 63133 or on Hanley Hills’ website.

The Village of Hanley Hills reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids and or combinations, thereof and to waive any minor irregularities or informalities in the process and accept the bid deemed to be in the best interest of the Village of Hanley Hills and approved by the Board of the Village of Hanley Hills.

All bidders are required to provide a 5% bond in the form of a cashier’s check, or surety bond, acceptable to the Village of Hanley Hills and must show proof of insurance with Hanley Hills as an additional insured. Hanley Hills will need a performance/payment bond for the project. All bidders must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement.

A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled after a bid is selected.  Attendance is mandatory.

The bidder agrees that this bid shall be good and may not be withdrawn of a hundred sixty calendar days after the scheduled closing time of receiving bids.

This activity is expected to be completed no later than 120 days after Board of Hanley Hills approves the bid.  If an extension is required, the contractor must make written notice to City Hall with explanations and a revised timeline.


The purpose of this bid is to do a concrete patch replacement for the designated street in Hanley Hills, Missouri.  The project location is

Alert Drive, Racine Drive and Utica Drive

Note #1:  The streets have sinkholes.  The bid must include the price of repairing the sinkholes.

Note #2:  All streets are required to have speed humps.

The work shall be crowned at intersecting streets causing water to flow to existing MSD inlets.

All material and debris resulting from the street project will become the property of the contractor and shall be removed promptly from the site and legally disposed outside the Village limits.

All materials shall meet St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic specifications.  Any variation from these specifications must be obtained by the contractor and sent to Hanley Hills’ City Hall in writing before placement on the project.

A minimum of three days prior to work commencing, the Contractor shall provide written notification of the project to all residents that will be affected by the work.  The notifications shall be a form letter and copies of all letters shall be submitted to the Village of Hanley Hills.  The Village of Hanley Hills will provide the contractor with a list of all residents, including addresses, to which the Contractor shall send or deliver letters.

The contractor and/or material supplier shall provide a copy of all concrete replacement designs to be used on the project to the Village of Hanley Hills’ representative for review and approval a minimum of 48 hours prior to commencing any work.  

Contractor shall determine the location of all public utilities.  If a public utility is damaged the Contractor shall notify the owner.  Any damage to public utilities shall be repaired or replaced at the sole expense of the Contractor to the satisfaction of the owner.

The Contractor shall be responsible for any damage to adjacent streets, driveway approaches, sidewalk, resident yards, and curb due to insufficient installation procedures.  The Village of Hanley Hills’ representative reserves the right to require removal of any damaged work.

Contractor shall provide a uniform batch of concrete, consistent with the initial batch.  Broom it very lightly.

Through traffic must be maintained at all times.  The contractor shall not be permitted to remove an entire cross-section of pavement at one time, unless otherwise authorized by Hanley Hills’ representative.  The Contractor will incur all costs related to the placement, removal, disposal, if cross section streets are damaged.

Restoration will consist of completely backfilling all disturbed areas.  Prior to restoration, all forming materials, and construction debris shall be removed from the area.

Any and all settled areas and/or areas that do not have a consistent vegetative cover established 
will be required to be graded and seeded with straw or with sod before the Village of Hanley Hills will accept the work.

The Contractor shall schedule work to minimize hazards and delays and shall make every effort possible to promote safety.  Adequate means shall be provided to protect the surface from damage by traffic until such time as the concrete is set.  Detouring traffic for this work will be permitted.  The reference standard for signage shall be the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Notice of start of work, any street closure, shall be the responsibility of the Contractor prior to the commencement of the work on the street.  Notice shall be made by handouts to each home with dates, times, and type of work being performed.  Handouts will contain a contact person and number for the general contractor.  The contractor shall be allowed to shut down no more than one side of the street at a time.  The contractor shall notify affected residents, at least 48 hours in advance, of any interruptions.  Streets should be posted for no parking at least 48 hours prior to commencement of work.

Damage to incurred surfaces is the responsibility of the contractor.  If damage occurs where suitable means have been made to protect the uncured surface, violators will be prosecuted, and the contractor shall be reimbursed for the amount of the damages.


The following proposal is hereby provided to the Village of Hanley Hills by ________________ 
Hereinafter called “BIDDER”.

The Bidder, in compliance with the invitation to bid, and all supporting documentation, for the Village of Hanley Hills’ project, Concrete Patch Replacement for Hanley Hills, having examined the plans, specifications and related documents and being familiar with all of the conditions surrounding the proposed project including the availability of materials and labor, hereby proposes to furnish all equipment, tools, labor, materials, supplies, and whatever else is needed to complete the project in accordance with the plans and specifications, within the time set forth therein, and the prices stated on the bid form.

Additional spaces have been provided for items which the Bidder determines needed to be separated from the items listed.  Regardless of whether or not separate items are listed, the Bidder is still obligated to complete the entire project according to the plans, specifications and related documents, and will also meet or exceed in the general industry standards in the construction industry for the work completed.

The total price shall include all equipment, labor, materials, supplies and whatever else is needed to complete the item.

Contractors must conduct a site visit to examine Alert, Racine and Utica, determine its measurements and what work may need to be done prior to starting the concrete patch replacement and include proof of such visit with the bid.  If after work is started on the concrete patch replacement project, contractor discovers work that must be done prior to commencing the project, it shall be the responsibility of the contractor to pay those costs.

Description                                Unit Price

Price of repairing sinkholes and
Cracked concrete                    $_______________________

Fill all potholes to grade level:            $________________________ 
8” Concrete patch replacement of 
pavement resurfacing:                    $__________________________

Price of Speed Humps:                $__________________________

Use Standard Traffic Control Devises:        $__________________________ 

Total Bid:                        $__________________________ 

The unit prices shall include all labor, materials, incidentals, etc.  The above quantities could be increased or decreased and the contractor will be paid on actual quantities


Signed ________________________                               ATTEST: __________________ 

Name:  _________________________                            Name:  ______________________ 

Title:  ___________________________               Title: _________________________ 

Date: ____________________________              Date:  _________________________ 

Company Name: ______________________________________________________________ 

Address: ______________________________         City:  ___________________ 

State: _____________________                Zip Code: _______________

Cell:  ___________________                 Office Phone:   ____________

To Whom It May Concern

The undersigned, having familiarized themselves with the existing conditions of the project affecting the cost of work, and with Contract documents, hereby proposes to furnish all supervision, technical personnel, labor materials, machinery, tools, appurtenances, equipment and services, including utility, transportation services (including all incidentals) required to perform the street repair in connection with the work within the Village of Hanley Hills.

In submitting this bid, the bidder understands that the right is reserved by the Village of Hanley Hills to reject any and all bids.  Basis of award will be the total base bid of the lowest, responsible and responsive qualified bidder.  If written notice of acceptance of this bid is mailed or delivered to the undersigned within 30 days after the opening thereof, or any time thereafter before the bid is withdrawn, the undersigned agrees to execute and deliver an agreement in the prescribed form and furnish the required bonds and insurance certificates within 10 days after the Agreement is presented to him or her for signature.

Security in the sum __________________________________________ dollars 
($ _________________________) in the form of ______________________ is submitted herewith in accordance with the Invitation for Bids.

The bidder is prepared to submit a financial and experience statement upon request.

The total bid price should include the costs for removal of the existing pavement/concrete, replacement of the pavement/concrete and any other work associated with the project and with any permit cost from the Village of Hanley Hills and/or St. Louis County.  The contractor will comply with all the local, state and county regulations governing the project.

Total Bid Price __________________________________ Dollars and ______________ cents
($ ____________ )

Authorized Officer Signature:  _____________________

Date:  _________________


Please report any trees or limbs that fall after these  storms, we have been having to the office so the Public Works Dept and /or Parks and Dept. can address the situation! Stay safe and please do not touch any downed wires. Let the professionals handle it. call 911 if necessary!

We have free face masks and hand sanitizer in city hall office.



I am pleased to announce that effectively immediately, the Consolidated Municipal Courts Divisions has returned court operations to our main building (City Hall) for all court services.   


10405 St. Charles Rock Road, 

St. Ann, MO 63074



Angela Chatman, Court Manager

St. Ann Municipal Court Division

Consolidated Municipal Courts (CMC)

Providing Services for the Municipal Court Divisions of Vinita Park, Northwoods, Charlack, Wellston, Beverly Hills, Hanley Hills, Edmundson, and Overland. 


10405 St. Charles Rock Road 

St. Ann, Missouri,  63074

Office: 314-428-6811 ext. 5

"Working to ensure the prompt, uniform, and fair adjudication of all cases in the Municipal Courts through uniformity, accessibility, communication, and diversity awareness."

Tree (Dead)  Removal Request Forms are available in the office.  Please stop by if you need a dead tree removed from your yard. It gets your name on a waiting list through a grant from the Beyond Housing; Arborist, Doug Sealy.

Doug Sealy has two openings for interns. The pay is $15 an hour. the Native Plant Species Deptment has 4 openings for Native Plant Species Technicians. To apply please go to Beyond Housing website, search for careers and apply.

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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

This is your About Page. This space is a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what you do and what your website has to offer. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want site visitors to know.

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